Company Profile

Tongze International , a comprehensive multinational logistics enterprise in Ningbo, maintains close cooperation with a number of international container liner companies, and serves as one of their main agents at various ports.

We continue to improve our service outlets, and have set up branches in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. At the same time, we are also committed to overseas network construction. We set up foreign branches in Cambodia in 2016, the United Arab Emirates in 2018 , Morocco in 2021 and Oman,Malaysia,Thailand in 2023, which can provide various destination logistics services in the above countries and some adjacent ports.

We pay attention to the supply chain logistics landing service and have 7 self-operated warehouses, 3 self-operated fleets and purchased more than 50 container transport vehicles around the world, greatly improving the supply chain delivery capacity.

The special logistics and transportation service for freezers is one of our traditional advantageous projects. Our company ranks among the top in the export volume of freezers at Ningbo port over the years. The goods to be undertaken mainly include: frozen seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, food, drugs, chemicals and other commodities that need to be refrigerated or frozen for transportation.

After more than ten years of development and experience, we have created a rigorous, efficient, experienced and first-class professional logistics team. At present, we have more than 500 employees at home and abroad, most of which are professional counterparts or have bachelor's degree or above, and the proportion of employees with high potential is more than 50%.

Our Mission:

Worthy of trust, and let every consignment be achieved smoothly!

Worthy of paying, and let every employee have a stable retirement!

General Manager speech

Thanks to customers, it was your trust Tongze.

Thanks to your employees, it was your efforts to grow up.

Thanks to friends from all walks of life who care about Tongze, it is your support, and the same translation can stand in fierce competition.

Since its establishment in April 2009, with the continuous joining of all outstanding talents in the industry, Tongze has formed a team with a lot of energy, experienced experience, and first -class service. We will focus on meeting the needs of customers, realize Tongze dreams, continue to improve the high quality service, improve the company's platform and domestic and foreign service networks, and build Tongze into a logistics brand for customers at home and abroad.

The young and fighting spirit Tongze will continue to move towards his goals as always.

Finally, I wish all friends who care and support Tongze, good health and good luck!

General Manager