Overseas Comprehensive

  • Cambodia Tongze Branch
  • The UAE Tongze Branch
  • UAE Glory Branch
  • Moroccan Tongze Branch
  • Oman Tongze Branch

Cambodia Tongze Branch

Our company has a branch in Phnom Penh, Cambodia to have office in Sihanouk. The company has a professional import and export operation team, a senior customs declaration team that maintains a good cooperative relationship with the customs, the independently developed systematic logistics software platform, and the self -operated team with sufficient capacity and preferential prices. These advantageous resources provide strong logistics support for our company's dual -clearing business in Southeast Asia. Its strong customs clearance strength has increased the customs clearance speed of customers and greatly shorten the time of delivery of goods.


The UAE Tongze Branch

In 2018, our company established a branch in Dubai, covering the Shuangqing business, bulk illustrations business, and large engineering logistics business in the Middle East. At the same time, it can also provide sea, land and air transportation services to undertake a one -stop service such as the reservation, customs clearance, transportation, and transportation of the entire domestic cabinet, and the mixed cargo of the United Arab Emirates.


UAE Glory Branch

After the establishment of the Dubai Branch, our company's comprehensive strength in Dubai has become increasingly strengthened. In April 2021, the second department of Dubai Branch, Honor Star, was officially established. The model, benign competition, and relatively independent business segments have accelerated the company's business development in the Middle East, providing valuable operating experience for the company's subsequent business layout in the Middle East.


Moroccan Tongze Branch

In September 2021, our company established foreign branches in Morocco. The establishment of the Moroccan Branch has filled our company's gap in logistics outlets in North Africa. Powerful domestic shipowner resources provide a strong price advantage for domestic and Morocco's sea transportation cabinets. At the same time, our company also set up its own warehousing center in Morocco. The establishment of the self -operated storage center provides great convenience for the transportation and warehousing of the goods, and it has improved the naval service system that Tongze deployed globally. Customer service experience.


Oman Tongze Branch

In January 2023, the Oman branch of Tongze International was officially put into operation, marking another step forward for the group on the road to internationalization! The establishment of Tongze Branch in Oman is aimed at accelerating the development of business in the Middle East and assisting Tongze's system docking in the upstream and downstream shipping links in the Middle East and even the global logistics market.