Congratulations to Oman branch was formally established

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On January 1, 2023, Tongze international logistics Oman branch was put into operation. Oman establishment of the branch, is the embodiment of the Tongze market developments in the Middle East, is the company further confirm on globalization development path!


In 2023, our company plans to open three overseas branch - Oman, Thailand, Malaysia, the move is the company's layout is an important step of globalization




Geographical environment






Sultanate of Oman, referred to as "Oman, is located in the southeast of the Arabian peninsula. Bordering countries such as the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, yemen, near the gulf of Oman and the Arabian sea, is the national advocacy of "area" development strategy of "silk road" of the important station in the sea.


Oman Sultanate of Oman, referred to as ", is located in the Oman shipping developed, convenient entrepot trade, product can easily from transit Saudi Arabia, dubai, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait and ABU dhabi, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, yemen, Libya, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia and other Middle East and east African market, foreign trade can radiation to the surrounding population of up to 1.6 billion consumer market, thus, Oman is one of the best platform for export the Middle East and east African countries, and with the aid of Sultanate of Oman Oman branch geographical advantage, can be approached to provide more timely, more convenient, more high quality freight forwarding services.

The main business

Oman, the establishment of the company, accelerate the jersey with the strategic layout, in the Middle East and dubai branch echo each other, work together, the main business is as follows:





1. Chinese ports to the port of Sohar of Oman shipping and customs clearance delivery service;

2. Yiwu, guangzhou to Oman all bulk spell the door to door service;

3. The dubai - Oman two-way road transport services.





The living environment

Oman is a progress, safe and friendly country, has a lot of employment opportunities and leisure entertainment. Here high quality standard of living, increasing the status of women, and relatively stable internal and external environment, combined with the charming landscape with the coastal desert life attracted people from all over the world, at ordinary times can go diving, see dolphins or off-road driving and hiking in the desert.



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