Tongze international |2022 the first Zelian Cup knowledge PK competition

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Cold wave hit, a winter night, the enthusiasm of Tongze people, also to withstand the low temperature ,commerce department and sales department to promote the company colleague's familiar with and understand each other, active atmosphere, enhance the friendship between the colleague and communication efficiency, on November 30, Tongze the first "Zelian cup" international business knowledge PK game began.

Prepare link, everyone to actively participate in, rapid reaction, make full use of knowledge and master the language power of expression, race against time, the race will be tense atmosphere to a climax.

Commerce authorities at link, the Commerce Department three representatives came to power, let everyone remember himself and is responsible for the route, and shows the business team fighting slogan.

Contestants did well prepared, in the face of difficult question answer up all kinds of industry, the atmosphere is warm, laughter.

Through the "Zelian cup" PK of business activities, not only stimulated the enthusiasm of your forwarder learning professional knowledge, and further promote the familiar between colleagues, help new employees are better able to blend in Tongze family, active atmosphere of the companies, and smoothly to lay a foundation for future business.